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Our Educational Team

Coach Brad Guzda

Headmaster of Triple V Prep

Coach Guzda is the headmaster of Triple V Prep. He has over fifteen years experience in education. He attended Tennessee Technology University, where he received his degree and teacher licensure, before beginning his career shaping students and athletes in Nashville and surrounding areas. Coach Guzda has spent the last decade and a half passionately leading young athletic minds to reach their full potential. 

 Beth Anne Wagner

Lead Teacher

Mrs. Wagner teaches all subjects, with an emphasis on student progress and organization. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a licensure as Practitioner Teacher from the State of Tennessee. Her experience in teaching ranges from grades K-12 over a career spanning more than twenty years. 

Dr. Andrew Beard

Science and Math Teacher

Dr. Beard is Triple V Prep's science and math teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a Master of Science degree from Syracuse, and a PhD from the University of Connecticut. As a doctor of Geology with specialties in Paleontology, Sedimentary Geology, and Geochemistry his unique skills and qualifications are used daily to educate students. He has eleven years of teaching experience ranging from middle school to college education. 

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